The Benefits of Pairing Coffee and CBD

by Emily Volk


By now you’ve heard of the many benefits of CBD—how it helps with muscle fatigue, pain, provides stress relief, reduces nausea, and more. But who knew it would work so seamlessly with one of our other daily rituals; coffee.

The two are a dynamic duo, the benefits of one addressing the side effects of the other. We’ll be going over the benefits, uses, and ways you can start incorporating CBD products in your favorite morning routine.

We can all agree coffee is a life source. The perfect way to start your morning, sometimes the only way to get you out of bed and into the flow of the day ahead. But it can sometimes have uncomfortable side effects. In fact, one of the biggest complaints of drinking coffee is the jitters you get from imbibing in your favorite roast. Along with the jitters, other common side effects of coffee can include heightened stress, digestive issues, and even insomnia. While coffee can have uncomfortable side effects, the benefits of taking CBD coincidentally counteracts many of the most common issues that come along with drinking coffee.


CBD and your ECS

Before we get into how CBD and Coffee interact in your body, we need to talk about your endocannabinoid system, which is a biological system in your body that involves three main components: endocannabinoids, receptors, and enzymes. One of the main ways CBD interacts with this system is to help the body maintain homeostasis or balance. When an issue presents itself in your body, the ECS will respond by releasing messengers (or eCBs) to restore balance. Outside sources like CBD will actually work with your ECS to tackle issues such as digestion, muscle fatigue, stress, and more. While research is still evolving about how CBD and your ECS work together, there’s a link between pairing CBD with coffee that shows it can solve some of the worst side effects that coffee drinkers find uncomfortable. To read more about how CBD interacts with your ECS click here.


Increase alertness without the jitters

Picture this: It’s 12:01 pm and you promised yourself you wouldn’t drink caffeine past noon. You’re in the slog of your day, and how is it only Tuesday? You head to the kitchen and make a pot of coffee and gulp it down. Anything to get through the next meeting or deadline right? If you have ever been in this situation you know exactly what comes next: an initial jolt from the caffeine, feeling awake, feeling great, and then in no time, our least favorite side effect; the jitters. Adding CBD to your routine can counteract this effect due to its calming properties—it’s a powerhouse for reducing stress. CBD and coffee can also work to increase the length of effects, working to keep you alert and focused without the jitters or crash afterward.

There are so many ways to use CBD with coffee, adding tincture, taking capsules, vaping, and even CBD infused coffee beans. But which one is right for you? Here are our top favorite CBD products that pair perfectly with coffee:


Add CBD oil to your daily brew

Adding CBD oil to your coffee is an easy way to dose your CBD, giving you control of how much you’d like to take. Pure Kanna’s Natural CBD oil has a super light natural hemp taste, with a rich earthy flavor perfect for coffee and dark chocolate lovers. Add a few drops per their recommended serving and enjoy.


Try CBD infused coffee

Cut out the middle man and try a CBD infused roast from Strava. Their beans are infused with organic, broad-spectrum hemp cannabinoids and CBD and come in light, medium, and dark roasts, as whole beans, or K-cup coffee pods.


Want to feel similar effects, but coffee isn’t your thing?

The Boost Social CBD gels with yerba maté are a perfect alternative if you’re not a big fan of coffee. Social’s CBD gel capsules are a great way to get your morning off on the right foot without any fuss. One capsule has 33mg of CBD and is designed to promote alertness and focus.


There are so many versatile ways to use CBD, but it’s important to find what works for you! Check out the rest of our lab-tested, high-quality, American made CBD products here.