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Questions about CBD for pets? Check out answers below.  

How to Use CBD for Pets

How you use CBD for pets will be based on the CBD product you choose. There are different ways to give CBD to pets. CBD treats can be given in the the way you normally would. CBD oil can be put in the dog's mouth or mixed with their favorite food.

Where to buy CBD for Pets

The market for CBD products has grown exponentially in recent years, but it's important to find a brand that you can count on. Check that they have lab reports and information about their product ingredients before purchasing anything from them so your pet will be getting top-quality care with every use! For some of the top CBD brands on this new frontier, look no further than Stone & Leaf CBD!

How Much CBD should I Give my Dog?

How much CBD you give your dog will vary depending on their size and weight. It's best if you start by giving 1-2mg per 10 pounds each day, monitoring them so that they don't have any negative reactions; however if this isn’t possible due to veterinarian advice or lack thereof then consult one before adjusting doses further.

How to Give CBD to Dogs

When deciding to give CBD to your dog, you can do so in many different ways. We carry CBD brands that have flavored tinctures that you can add to their food, while others have delicious dog treats that are perfect for training. If you want your dog to enjoy taking CBD, it's best to choose a tasty option!

What does “broad spectrum” CBD oil mean for my pet?

Broad spectrum hemp extract contains many of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytonutrients in the hemp plant. This helps your pet experience all of the benefits the hemp plant has to offer.

How should I store my pet’s tincture?

Pet CBD Tincture should be kept in a dry place at room temperature.

How do I decide what CBD pet products in best for my dog?

You know your pet better than anyone else. You can see which areas of health are most important for your pet to stay healthy. We will continue to add more CBD products to our pet line to help you care for your pet in a variety of ways.