Social CBD “Rest” Body Lotion

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Insomniacs rejoice! Social CBD’s body lotion for sleep makes bedtime into a soothing event with lavender, chamomile, and bergamot aromatherapy and arnica for relaxation.
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Our packaging is made of 100% recyclable materials and we partner with Pachama to offset the carbon emissions produced by every order.


Main Benefits: 

  •  300 mg of CBD per bottle
  •  All-natural essential oils for fragrance
  •  Absorbs quickly so you won’t get greasy residue all over your sheets
  •  Easy-to-use spout and squeeze bottle
  •  Formulated with cocoa and shea butter

You can easily toss this body lotion in an overnight bag or keep it on your bedside table as part of your nighttime routine. The Rest formula packs a double punch — with powerful CBD extract, magnesium, and arnica for relaxation and shea butter, coconut, and argan oils for smooth skin. You’ll wake up feeling rested and deeply moisturized. 

THC Free CBD Body Lotion

Size: 12 fl oz / 355 mL



About Social CBD

Social CBD is at the front of the cannabis industry. They use the most stringent and progressive testing available, and their team of scientists use impressively innovative extraction and processing techniques. People have taken notice. Social CBD has been featured in Allure, the Rolling Stone, the New York Times, and Forbes, among other publications. Social CBD uses hemp-derived CBD that contains zero THC. And for flavoring, Social CBD uses natural essential oils and herbs.

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