PureKana CBD Calming Dog Chews

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Your dog deserves the best, especially when it comes to their health and well-being. With PureKana's CBD Calming Dog Chews, you're not just offering them a treat; you're providing a pathway to a more relaxed and serene life. Don't let your pet navigate anxiety alone. Choose PureKana and witness the transformative difference.
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Our packaging is made of 100% recyclable materials and we partner with Pachama to offset the carbon emissions produced by every order.


Main Benefits: 

  • Delicious natural beef flavor.
  • Each chew contains 5mg of CBD.
  • Total of 150mg of CBD per pack.
  • Free from fillers, grains, and artificial ingredients.
  • Specially formulated to support dog worry relief.
Common uses for pet hemp treats include:
  • Separation issues
  • Fear from noises
  • Flights
  • Car rides
  • Wellness issues
  • Skittishness
  • General quality of life
  • Skin and coat health

Why Buy PureKana CBD Calming Dog Chews?

Our beloved pets deserve the utmost care, especially when they face worry moments. PureKana's CBD Calming Dog Chews are meticulously crafted to provide the calming support your dog needs. Infused with a delightful natural beef flavor, these chews are not only tasty but also beneficial. Each chew ensures a consistent 5mg of CBD dosage, with a total of 150mg of CBD in every pack. Free from fillers, grains, and artificial additives, and enhanced with ingredients like valerian, chamomile, ginger, L-tryptophan, and L-theanine, these chews offer a holistic approach to pet wellness. By choosing PureKana, you're opting for quality, purity, and a brand that genuinely prioritizes your pet's well-being.

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