The Power Of Houseplants And Bringing Nature Indoors

The Power Of Nature To Purify The Air

One of our key values at Stone & Leaf is to celebrate the Power of Nature. CBD is one way to naturally boost your health, but your options are endless. Houseplants ability to minimize the toxins in your air is immense. Indoor air quality can be up to 10 times more toxic than outdoor air and plants play a vital role in absorbing much of these toxins. To further improve your indoor air quality, minimize new VOCs in your home, make the move to green cleaning chemicals, and open up the windows once a week to allow fresh air in.


Calm And Soothing Affect

Have you ever noticed how calm you feel after spending time in nature? Studies show that just 10 minutes spent in nature can decrease the stress hormone cortisol, helping to calm and soothe. By bringing nature indoors you can generate the same effect. Start with your seeds and set a goal to work your way up to at least 2 plants in every room. If you have fur babies in the house make sure your plants are pet-friendly, or place toxic plants on high shelves or in hanging planters. It’s not just plants that calm and soothe so consider adding a tranquil water feature to your home, add landscape photographs, or decorate with natural elements like driftwood, stones, crystals, sand, dried flowers, and wood.


A Plant On Your Desk Can Boost Creativity And Productivity

Add a plant or two to your desk or nearby in your office and enjoy up to a 15 percent boost in productivity. As an added bonus, being surrounded by a natural shade of green in your home or office increases creativity. So, plant your seeds and once you have at least a few inches of growth bring your new plant to work. If you aren’t seated near a window you can find several low light plants to choose from.


Plants Boost Your Immunity

By delivering cleaner air and decreasing stress hormones you will also benefit from increased immunity. Even patients with a plant in their hospital room tend to recover faster than patients without greenery. Take things one step further, by planting or buying a few edible herbs to increase your antioxidant intake. Some top picks are basil, garlic chives, mint, and parsley.


Plants Are The Perfect Home Accessory

No matter what your preferred design aesthetic plants can be added to beautify, decorate and enrich your living space. If you purchase plants in pots or containers that aren’t quite your style you can repot them or place them in a decorative basket. If you can’t find a pot or basket you love in stores, support small business online plant shops for a larger range of options. And plants are an ideal housewarming gift.

Stone & Leaf CBD believes in the Power of Nature and all its benefits. Check out the Stone & Leaf collection today!