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Escape | Hemp Oil Infused Decaf Coffee 60mg - Stone & Leaf CBD

Escape | Hemp Oil Infused Decaf Coffee 60mg

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Small bath roasted coffee bean infused with full spectrum natural hemp oil in this whole bean decaffeinated coffee from Denver, Colorado. The combination of flavorful beans mixed with high quality CBD oil from both Europe and Colorado create a naturally calm relaxation while enhanced by the benefits of CBD.

  • Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil
  • 60mg CBD per bag
  • 24 Servings


Lab Report: Escape | Hemp Oil Infused Decaf Coffee 60mg


Flavor Notes:  Brown Sugar, Natural Cocoa, and Red Grape

Ingredients:Whole Bean Coffee, Full Spectrum Hemp


About Sträva Coffee

Strava Coffee was started in 2015 by two entrepreneurs, as a company dedicated to serving the best cup of coffee, while doing so in a socially responsible manner. The owners want to showcase their combined love of coffee, and truly represent how passionately they feel about Colorado. Sträva concentrates on working with the highest quality farmers to ensure quality small batch roasts that bring you an exceptional cup of coffee. 



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