Calming Skincare Bundle

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It’s winter, and your dry skin knows it. That means it’s the perfect time to try our top three skincare products (and, if you’re feeling generous, get an extra for a friend). This set of lotions, balms, and masks is perfect for winter dryness, soothing self-care, and holiday stress. Head to toe relief that’ll get you dewy and chill for winter Zooms.


Why We Love It:

  • Grön’s clay mask combines the calming powers of CBD with cucumber and seaweed for hydration, and sea clay for breakout control.
  • Cannuka’s balm soothes all skin-types with rosehip oil, orange peel butter, and manuka honey.
  • Lotion from Social CBD is a relaxing, soothing, aromatherapeutic addition to your skincare routine.



  • Social CBD Body Lotion
  • Grön Rejuvenate Clay Mask
  • Cannuka Healing Skin Balm

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