Fitness Recovery Bundle

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No fitness routine is complete without pain relief and muscle recovery products. These four best-selling products are popular for a reason: they’re packed with calming CBD and terpenes for managing pain and inflammation. The perfect treat for your fitness-freak friends.


Why We Love It:

  • When the need for relief goes beyond topicals, Hempbase’s Mimosa Recover Vape releases linalool terpenes and CBD isolate for quick recovery and calm.
  • Oleo products are designed for quick absorption, so they’re the perfect post-workout supplement to any hydrating drink.
  • Cannuka’s Body Bar is made with the perfect blend of oils to condition your skin and make that post-workout shower into pure spa time.



  • Social CBD Muscle Balm Stick
  • Hempbase Mimosa Recover Vape
  • Oleo CBD Coconut Mix
  • Cannuka Body Bar

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