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Treat Yourself Bundle - Stone & Leaf CBDTreat Yourself Bundle - Stone & Leaf CBD
Calming Skincare Bundle - Stone & Leaf CBDCalming Skincare Bundle - Stone & Leaf CBD

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CBD Starter Kit Bundle:

Looking for an introduction to CBD and don’t know where to start? Our classic CBD Starter Kit bundle might be an excellent way to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine. This bundle highlights some of our favorite products that will get you in the holiday spirit. Our PureKana mint oil is perfect for the CBD beginner. Drop a few drops into hot cocoa or winter beverage, grab a fuzzy blanket, and get cozy. Grön chocolate is another great treat for the first-timer; approachable, yummy, and calming, their chocolates are sure to help take the edge off heightened holiday stress and satisfy your sweet tooth. This is a solid bundle for anyone on your list who is interested in what CBD is all about. 


Mini CBD Starter Kit Bundle:

Maybe you or someone you know has heard all about the benefits of CBD, tried it out a few times, and wants to try something a little different. This 6-piece bundle is a great way to try several products in smaller sample sizes. It includes a wide array of CBD products, including gummies, chocolates, and even a few skincare items—perfect if you don’t know where to start and want to try as many products as possible in smaller sizes. 


For the Skincare Lover: The Calming Skincare Bundle

Cold weather and stress can wreak havoc on your skin, so we’ve put together a bundle of our favorite skincare heavy hitters to protect, nourish, and soothe. This pack includes body lotion, a face mask, and skin balm. The Social CBD Body lotion contains 500 mg of CBD per bottle, all-natural essential oils and absorbs quickly with no greasy residue left behind. Pair this with the Cannuka Healing Skin Balm for all-over nourishment, and you’ll be ready for whatever this year throws at you. 


For the Gym Rat: The Fitness Recovery Bundle

Whether you’re hitting the gym at home, running, or practicing yoga from the comfort of your living room, your muscles could use some TLC. The Fitness Recovery Bundle can be used for pre-workout prep and post-workout recovery. If you like to brave the outdoors for your winter workouts, cold temperatures make your body naturally clench up to maintain body temperature. This can do a number on your upper back. Social’s Muscle Balm is a great way to alleviate tension and allow your muscles to relax after a grueling workout. This bundle also includes the Hempbase Mimosa Recover Vape, the Oleo single pack tea mix, and a Cannuka Body Bar for your much-deserved post-workout shower. 


For the Chronic Night Owl: The CBD Sleep Bundle

We get it. A solid sleep routine might be one of the hardest to master, but we’ve put together a bundle geared towards those of us who just can’t shut down our brains at night. In this pack, you’ll find Social’s CBD Sleep Gummies to help your body regulate its natural sleep schedule. This pack also comes with Hempbases Blue Dream PM Vape and Grön’s Snooze chocolate with Valerian root, which boosts relaxation and calms the mind. Get a great night’s sleep and wake up feeling more rested with this sleepytime bundle.


For YOU: The Treat Yourself Bundle

You did it! You can mark “Holiday Shopping” off your crazy winter to-do list. You can now spend less time stressing about the perfect gifts and use your precious time for some much-needed self-care. That’s right; it’s time to focus on YOU. Treat yourself and a job well done with this indulgent bundle that includes Strava coffee with 20mg of CBD per cup, two grön chocolates for satisfying your late-night sweet tooth, and hemp-based gummies for another calming snack. 

During the Holidays we tend to focus our attention on others, but you don’t want you to forget about yourself. This can be an extremely stressful time, so make sure to prioritize your own self-care and health. Your body and mind deserve it.